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Feel free to brouse our site and look at the growing range of Table top war games products, We have an eBay shop called Daemonscape1 where you can view the same products and see customer feedback on our range. We also have a facebook page daemonscape.com where you can see photo galleries and the "Under construction" gallery from the Studio office.

 NEW releases for 2014

  1. Gun emplacement for 20-28mm scale earth works.
  2. 25, 40, 65mm round bike and large oval Junkyard bases.
  3. 20mm scale ACW,WW1,WW2 fortified house and compound
  4. Rough ground and paved bike bases
  5. 15mm scale Bocage walls, sandbag gun and HMG emplacements
  6. 6mm scale Missile defence system, fuel depot and tank hangar
  7. Round paved bases. 25/40/65mm
  8. 6mm scale shopping mall, power station, coms towers, space port and assault craft.
  9. Urban Tiger, 25-28mm urban assault vehicle
  10. Dragonfly drop ship, 15-28mm scale large drop ship

Coming soon

  1. Large oval Paved base.
  2. More trench works.
  3. Junkyard fortifications.
  4. 6mm scale parking lot and mega shopping mall
  5. Graveyard bases.


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