Junkyard outhouse (toilet)

This item is supplied unpainted.
The outhouse is a two piece model. 28mm scale figure is for scale only and not part of the sale.

Junkyard small village set

Crazy Joe's building set
This kit contains 1 wind turbine, 1 large house ,2 small house's and 1 outhouse.

Junkyard Tyre Piles x 6

This item is supplied unpainted.
The tyre piles are all one piece models, individual and large. Suitable for 28mm scale war games.

Turret Compound

Multi part resin and white metal kit. Supplied unpainted

This kit contains 1 Turret, 8 barricades and 1 gate piece with removable door.

Battle cannon, Sniper cannon, Las cannon, Gattling gun, Tri-barrel Auto cannon. Please specify which barrel you would like.

Tripple Turret x 1

This item is supplied unpainted and requires assembely. Any figures are for scale only.
The Tripple turret is supplied in 12 parts with internal detail and removable roof.

Dragons Teeth tank defences

12 individualy detailed Dragons Teeth

Mk1 (Front) standard teeth, Mk2 (Middle)reinforced Teeth with shoulder defences, Mk3 (Rear) Fire point Teeth with cut out for figures to hide behind.

 This set of 12 tank defence teeth are all individual in design. Please check the pictures for more views. 

28mm figures for scale only and not part of the sale.

The Kings Highway X4 straight sections

Cobble stone roads individually detailed.

X4 resin roads 13x19cm each, supplied unpainted. This set weighs approx 650grams boxed.

Kings Highway corners X4

Cobble stone roads individually detailed.

Kings Highway Juction X1

Cobble stone road "Y" junction.

GPM1 Modular building

Modular resin building with internal detail and removable roof.

Kit comprises, 1 door section, 1 window section, 1 roof section.

Larger buildings available seperately. Figures for scale only.